Ms. Marjorie Campo

Laser Therapist

Ms Marjorie is a Registered Nurse, (RN) and a Laser Therapist.

She’s been a (RN) for over 15 years and 5 years of being a Laser Therapist.

Frequesntly Asked Questions

  • Is laser hair removal suitable for any skin type?

    It depends.
    Yes if the machine to be use is with alexandrite and Ndyag lasers Alexandrite for white skin and Ndyag for darker skin

  • What is Hydrafacial?

    Hydrafacial is mainly use for deep cleansing at the same time it hydrates the skin

  • What advice you can give to your patient?

    If you want your skin to look good do the following:

    1. Sleep atleast 7-8 hours per day
    2. Drink water atleast 8 glasses per day. Hydrate hydrate hydrate
    3. Eat fruits and vegetables
    4. Always apply sunblock
    5. Love yourself

  • What are your hobbies?

    Singing, Dancing, Travel


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