Laser Gingivectomy

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Laser Gingivectomy

A gingivectomy is one of the most conventional surgical treatments in which the most affected gum part is removed from your mouth. Gingivectomy is still preferred to deal with prognosis of teeth.

Gingivectomy is a dental treatment which includes an expert dentist or oral surgeon cutting away the part of the gum. Gingivectomy is the most orthodox surgical process in periodontal therapy, gingivectomy is mostly done for refinement of prognosis and aesthetics of teeth. It is called as crown lengthening process.

Gingivectomy is suitable for those people who have a gum disease, or periodontist, that cannot be smoothly treated by root planning and scaling, gingivectomy can be opted to eliminate affected tissue and avert the damage to the bone, decrease the possibility of any oral systematic health problems and stop the spread of oral infection and periodontal disease.

Gingivectomy procedure is actually uncomplicated process whichbecomes pain free with the use of a local anaesthesia. Theaffected gum can be eradicated through laser or even manually ingingivectomy. Once the gingivectomy treatment is completed andthe affected gum is taken out properly, your gum will be coatedwith a specific putty that will protect them while recovering andallow you to eat during your initial recovery period. Dependingupon your individual case, you can restart your normal activitiesand diet after few days or weeks after getting laser gingivectomytreatment in Dubai. You might notice a little change in theappearance of your gum after gingivectomy, but after some timeit will come back to its original colour and shape. If you takeproper care of yourself, you’ll be able to get back your smile andperiodontal health.


You can experience little swelling after laser gingivectomy. You might feel chapped or bruised lips / cheek area after laser gingivectomy as well. While, using reusable ice bag or a frozen vegetable bag, wrapped in a soft towel can also be applied on the area which was treated during laser gingivectomy treatment to lessen the swelling of the mouth. Using it for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off specially during first 24-48 hours after getting laser gingivectomy treatment is also useful.

Staying in the position where your head is elevated above your heart is also helpful after laser gingivectomy treatment. Usually, the swelling occurs during the morning time or in the first 3 days after laser gingivectomy treatment. Try not to sleep on the side where laser gingivectomy surgery was performed.

Couple of days after getting laser gingivectomy treatment, moist heat will be useful to treat minor swelling. If you feel major swelling, that should be discussed with the doctor. You may also face some tooth sensitivity after laser gingivectomy treatment, specially to cold. Sensitivity of teeth will be faded away after few weeks of getting laser gingivectomy treatment and it can also be decreased by keeping your mouth as plaque-free as possible. If after several weeks, the sensitivity is still there or it is too much, you must consult a doctor to get it treated. If dentist suggests you a clear appliance or an upper denture after laser gingivectomy treatment that covers up the roof of the mouth, do NOT REMOVE it for 24 hours NO MATTER WHAT!!! It may pool with blood, but leave it in there and just swoosh with Chlorhexidine rinse or lukewarm salt water. After a day, you can use them according to your comfort.


We can apply a periodontal dressing to protect treated area and keep you comfortable. The dressing will be hardened after few days of laser gingivectomy. Generally, dressing stays in your mouth for like a week or two after laser gingivectomy treatment and it might get changed once or even multiple times by the dentist. Try to keep the dressing intact till your next appointment with our doctor. If you feel like your dressing is loose or coming out, don’t try to put it back, instead contact our doctors to immediately book an appointment and make him look into it. Try to maintain usual oral hygiene routine in the areas where you were not treated during laser gingivectomy treatment. In the treatment area, only lightly brushes are advised. Make sure you chew at the opposite side of area of your mouth which is treated during laser gingivectomy treatment. Don’t miss post-treatment appointments with our dentists to get your dressing checked and for your recovery assessment as well.


For couple of days after laser gingivectomy, you might feel minor bleeding such as pinkish tinge to your saliva. Don’t take extremely hot food for the entire day and also don’t rinse out your mouth, as it will further increase the bleeding. If the bleeding still persists, try to apply a little pressure on the treated area during laser gingivectomy with a moisturized gauze or moistened tea bag. Keep them for at least half an hour without checking whether the bleeding has stopped or not. Don’t try to spit or rinse forcefully. If, the bleeding is constant, you should contact our doctors and seek their advice. Don’t do any strenuous physical activity for the next 2 to 3 days to avoid further bleeding.


Taking of soft food diet is advisable, not chewing from the treated area during laser gingivectomy treatment is also suggested. Use opposite side of your mouth and also avoid biting if the laser gingivectomy treatment was done on the front area of your mouth. Consuming food which is sticky, hard like nuts, chips, popcorns, ice cubes, brittle and spicy, highly seasoned and acidic food in your diet after laser gingivectomy treatment is also not advised. Usage of soups, macaroni, mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs are also good for you. Make sure that you consume proper nutrients and enough fluids. Try not to use alcohol (even beer and wine),smoking at least till your first post laser gingivectomy treatment appointment. Smoking is also not suggested after at least two weeks of getting laser gingivectomy treatment.


Maintain the oral hygiene routine at the not treated areas of your mouth during laser gingivectomy treatment. While, at the areas which were treated during laser gingivectomy treatment and where there is dressing, use lightly brush only on the biting surface of the teeth. After you have completed your meal and had your snack, please use lukewarm salt water rinse 4-6X a day; 30 seconds of swooshing with each use. Vigorous rinsing should be avoided.

Please use Periogard, Peridex, or Chlorhexidine mouth rinse 2X (morning and night) a day; 30seconds of swooshing with each use. The dentist may suggest you a soft Q-tip or cotton swabwith toothpaste to smoothly clean tooth surfaces in the areas where laser gingivectomytreatment was performed until or unless you are instructed otherwise, don’t do flossing orregular brushing of treated area during laser gingivectomy treatment.


  • Please do NOT play with the treated area during laser gingivectomy treatment with yourfingers or even tongue.
  • Do NOT try to make someone look at that area or not even try to do that yourself. Leaving italone is the best way to let it heal.
  • Do Not use drinking straw as suction is not advisable and it may dislodge a blood clot.
  • Don’t consume too hot food or any sticky or hard food during the recovery period after laser gingivectomy treatment
  • Avoid alcohol (even beer and wine) and smoking at least till your post treatment session with our dentist
  • Avoid sleeping at the same side which was treated during laser gingivectomy treatment.

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