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If you’re tired of having stretch marks, you’re not alone! Many people, women especially, experience stretch marks in their lifetimes. Stretch marks can occur during sudden changes in body size, such as during pregnancy, puberty, or rapid weight gain or loss. Ninety percent of pregnant women will get stretch marks around their abdomen, hips and thighs, and unfortunately, they seem to be genetic. If your mom had stretch marks, odds are that you will, too. While you probably won’t get rid of your stretch marks completely, you can use topical treatments and medical interventions to help decrease their appearance.

Cellulite can be a troublesome skin condition with resulting dimpling and a “cottage cheese” appearance on body areas such as the buttocks, the legs, and the arms. Our team at KMC offers effective cellulite reduction treatments in Dubai to improve the skin’s overall texture and appearance.

Here today – gone tomorrow! We all want to look and feel good in our skin and Stretch Mark Reduction treatments are a safe, affordable and effective way to repair the skin’s ability to regenerate natural collagen. Whether stretch marks appear on your stomach, thighs, hips, arms or buttocks areas, over the counter creams and oils are more often than not ineffective and a waste of time and money. Stretch Mark Reduction Treatments allows for new skin cells to be generated and replace the damaged ones, visibly reducing the appearance of stretch marks while the skin heals.

We all know how severe weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, surgery and pregnancy can mark and affect the skin we are in, which can also affect our overall confidence. Stretch Mark Reduction Treatments are the safest, most non-invasive solution to getting rid of your unwanted stretch marks without the downtime of having surgery!


  • Reduces and eliminates scaring
  • Reduces situs slot online terbaik the visibility of stretch marks
  • 100% chemical and toxin free treatment
  • Provides a more natural and gradual improvement rather than ablative procedures
  • Reduces overall redness in stretch marks so that they become less visible
  • A fast, safe and non-invasive treatment
  • Minimal downtime so you can return to normal activities immediately
Condition Stretch Marks, Surgical Scarring
Results Stretch Marks diminish in appearance and skin is smoother and more toned. Surgical scars and keloid scaring dramatically reduced and often disappear.
Treatment Intervals 6 to 8 weeks
Treatment Time 10-30 minutes

After care

First 24 hours Your skin may feel slightly warm, red and swollen after treatment. Apply a cool pack for 10-15 minutes when you get home – this will help accelerate your skin’s recovery time.
Apply soothing cream or gel and calm the skin at home.
First 24-48 hours Avoid taking hot baths. Lukewarm or cooler is better.
Avoid using strongly scented lotions, soaps and exfoliating creams on the treated area.
Be gentle and avoid excessive scrubbing.
Avoid strenuous activity, keep the treatment area moist
Within 14 days The redness and swelling will gradually subside with in the first 2 weeks of treatment but can last up to 6 weeks. Until the redness has resolved; avoid the following:

  • Swimming pools and spas with multiple chemicals/chlorine
  • Activities that cause excessive perspiration

Recommended Treatments

Using Topical Treatments

It likely helps by increasing collagen production, which in turn helps with the appearance daftar situsjudi slot online terpercaya of your skin. However, it doesn’t work to all woman and with some restriction especially to pregnant and contraindication to other drugs.

A combination of specific solution, which can help with the elasticity of the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time. Generally, these creams can begin to work in as few as three months when you apply them every day. Chemical peels can also be helpful in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Generally, though, they work good in conjunction with other treatments, such as microdermabrasion. Once you have the peel done, your skin will peel off over the course of a few days, which can reduce the color of your stretch marks. You may need more than one treatment.

Trying Medical Interventions

Ask about a laser for better elasticity. This type of laser treatment, also known as vascular laser treatment, may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It also increases collagen production, making your skin more elastic. It may take three to six sessions before you begin to see improvement ,and more sessions may be necessary depending on the size of the area you are treating. You won’t really have any recovery time, but you should stay out of the sun for a bit after a treatment. Fractional laser therapy focuses on resurfacing smaller areas. The laser is aimed at the edges of stretch marks, smoothing over the surface of the skin.
Get an injection of platelet-rich plasma for all types of stretch marks. With this technique, the doctor uses your own blood to treat you. They pull out the plasma and inject it into your stretch marks. In turn, the plasma increases skin growth and collagen production. You can expect to be sore for a couple of days, but the recovery time is fairly quick. Sometimes, one session is enough to help, but it depends on your skin.

Ask about microdermabrasion for all types of stretch marks. Microdermabrasion basically means blasting your stretch marks with a fine crystalline powder. It’s sort of like using sandpaper on your skin, but it is much gentler than it sounds. It helps buff away some of the appearance of stretchmarks. You might feel a little sore, but you won’t need recovery time. One treatment may be enough, but you also may need more than one.

Making Lifestyle Changes – Plan

Maintain a healthy weight. The suitable way to not have stretch marks is to not get them in the first place. Try maintaining a healthy weight by exercising at least 150 minutes a week and eating a healthy diet full of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein. Make sure you’re eating a nutrient-rich diet, so your skin is getting the proper nutrition it needs to repair itself void sun exposure. Stay hydrated. Hydrated skin is more elastic, so staying hydrated can help prevent you from getting new stretch marks. Drinking about 2 litres (68 fl oz) of water a day can help keep you hydrated. Moisturize your skin daily. You can prevent or minimize the development of new stretch marks by keeping your skin hydrated. This is especially important for pregnant women or people who are losing or gaining weight. Apply moisturizing oils and creams at least once a day, especially if you are pregnant. Wear supportive underwear. Gently supportive undergarments that cover your belly and thighs can be helpful for preventing or reducing stretch marks, especially if you are overweight. This is also a good alternative to expensive cosmetic surgeries, especially if the stretch marks cover a large area of skin.

Are you ready to take control of your body and reduce the appearance of stretch marks? Kings Medical Center today to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about the benefits stretch mark treatments. You’ll be happy that you took the time to do something great for your body and your self-confidence!

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