Ceramic Smile

The smile is your greatest asset. The combination of complete teeth construction with gum treatment.

A great smile can showcase happiness, health and confidence. Ceramic smile is the new profound way of creating an all natural-looking radiant smile that you can be proud of.

We at Kings Medical Centre understand the importance’s of a great smile in your daily lives. Regardless of age, we offer tailored services to suit your needs and expectations. From our cutting edge technology to our dedicated dental surgeons we offer life changing smile makeovers, which enhance your natural look with smiles that bring balance and harmony to the entire face.

Through Ceramic Smile, we are able to revolutionise your entire look within a matter of days. Our cutting edge technology provides patients insights of what their smile will look like before the service has taken place. This minimalizes any discomfort and expectations as patients are provided with transparency from the very start. We are then able to tweak and tailor the service to the patient’s feedback and preferences if needed.

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