Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy sets out how Kings Medical Center uses and protects any information that you provide when you visit this website. In this document, “We”, “us” or “our” refers to Kings Medical Center.

We only keep relevant information on our website to provide safe and flexible dental care as well as informing them on how things work on our certain services.

Information we may collect from you

There are different sources of media that you can use to contact us like website forms, telephone calls, text messages, calls, social media platforms, WhatsApp and other methods. Using this way of communication, you may provide us with information about yourself.

The information includes your name, health information, date of birth, contact number, and email. During your dental appointment, based on certain treatment/services we may also collect further information about you that includes Personal identification, x-rays, past and existing medical records, clinical records, treatment plants, lifestyle, waivers, habits, and any correspondence relating to your other healthcare professionals.

We use this information to remind you of your appointments, booking, and referrals.

How we store information

We store information electronically. Records are securely destroyed when no longer in use. Confidential information is only seen by the staff/doctors. Each member of our community is trained to follow our policies and procedures to keep patient information confidential.


 We are subjected to law and work under the roof of respected businesses operating in the country. We do not sell, share or disclose information to other sources or third-party websites. If legal authorities with authorization, search warrant or court order request personal information, we may do so in the compliance of our honorable law.


Cookies are small pieces of code that the website places on your computer/smartphone to store certain information about the users. This includes your actions on a website, browsing habits, and preferences. We use tracking cookies like most websites.

This does not include personal information like your name, mobile number, email, card number or address. This function simply allows us to provide a better user experience and to track online marketing channels.

The information collected from cookies is anonymous. It does not provide us access to your belongings or any other information about you.

Contact Us

If you have complaints or believe that your privacy rights have been breached, please contact us.

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