The dazzling sunshine, Sea’s cold breeze and unlimited fun – the United Arab Emirates has everything.

Dubai is one of the most famous destinations in the world, it makes it ideal for people to choose Dubai as their holiday destination and with world-class medical facilities people now opt to get their medical treatments from Dubai as well.

Millions of people around the world visit Dubai for the comfort, unbelievable fun, attractive views and the brilliant medical facilities.



Here at Kings medical centre, our team of dental specialists & experts have seen the emergence of interests among tourists to refine their smiles. From the airport pickup, proper treatment with care, and to move from one place to another - we will take care of everything.
From airport transfers, personalized treatment, and every pick-up and drop-off in between — we make it easier for you.

------Why Kings Medical Center?------

Numerous speciality clinics around Dubai.

From regular check-ups to specific treatment at one place

Highly experienced and qualified dentists and specialists

Price-friendly, individualised treatment plans

We provide One-visit dentistry

Incredible and customer-friendly service

Modern dental technology with brilliant medical facilities

We speak various languages

English, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Filipino

Special Package for Tourists who prefer Dubai for a Dental Vacation

  • Pick & drop from your hotel or airport during your appointment time 

  • Individual based treatment plan and schedule with top class lab services 

  • Personal patient Care coordinator 

  • Get your self treated by well-known and qualified dentists 

  • Individualised Post-treatment program and detailed dental report