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Veneers, Lumineers & Smile Makeover

You’ve heard of it, or probably haven’t come by the term; that notwithstanding, it’s about time we set the facts straight.
Dental veneers, also referred to as porcelain laminates/veneers, are wafer-thin,custom-made shells that come in place of worn out enamels.

They cover the front part of the teeth thereby providing a better and improved appearance hence; they have been categorized under cosmetic dentistry. Nonetheless, they do so much more than just make you look better – they offer extra protection to surfaces of already damaged teeth thus curbing the need for extensive treatments.

Just make sure you visit the Hollywood smile dental clinic Dubai to enjoy quality experience at affordable veneers cost Dubai.

The Process

Veneers are added through a surgical procedure that first involves consultation with your dentist as you explain exactly what you seek to achieve. This could be a more chiselled tooth, a brighter look or even filling the gaps between your teeth. You could also be aiming for the beautiful alignment between your upper and lower teeth. Whatever the issue is as pertaining to cosmetic dentistry, you can almost be certain that dental veneers will sort you out.

Once the first consultation is done, the doctor will assemble all the facts and details and even use an x-ray to construct a replica of the model trying to be achieved. On the first visit, your dentist should inform you whether or not you are eligible for dental veneers. This is because some cases of bad teeth such as progressed dental cavities might eliminate you as a candidate for this procedure.

Who Can Use Veneers?

As already seen, dental veneers could offer a plethora of benefits to you and transform your look to that classic Hollywood touch that’s always inspired you. That not withstanding, it becomes quite important to know whether dental veneers are for you.
Dental veneers are for you if for some reason you have a problem with your smile – perhaps you want to make it a bit brighter to get easily noted.
Veneers will also do you right if you have dental challenges such as worn down teeth, irregularly shaped or misaligned teeth, chipped and broken down teeth and even those with progressed tooth discoloration to a point where normal whitening products are pointless. Also, if you want to correct the gaps in between your teeth, veneers will offer the amazing fit to give you that Hollywood smile Dubai cosmopolitans crave.

Why Choose Veneers?

This should be a question of tastes and preferences, but we will take the pains to enlighten you on why veneers are a better option. One still has the option of going for implants or dental crowns to rectify their particular problem. Nevertheless, dental veneers leave the power in your hands since you are the one to decide on the look that’s best for you. What’s more, you also have the chance to modify the look during the operation if still not satisfied. Veneers also give you a number of options such as the instant ones which are already pre-made and quite pocket-friendly, Lumineers which are a form of veneer teeth, and the porcelain veneers which you can manipulate to your will. They also tend to offer a longer lasting option to maintaining that beautiful look thus can be said to give out value worth its price.

How Long Do They Last?

With proper care and attention, your dental veneer should last you for around 10-15 years after which you can do cosmetic re-modifications or otherwise conduct a full replacement. Whatever the case, a whole decade plus years are more than enough toenjoy the smile you’ve paid for dearly. This goes the same for composite veneers and as well as the porcelain teeth which makeup the more permanent porcelain veneers. So go get out and let the world see that smile and remember to give it the attentionit deserves.

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