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Anti-Aging Facials


Anti-Aging Facials

In the current times, people spend so much efforts, time and money to look their best. They try multiple treatments, homecare remedies and aesthetic treatments as well to look prettier than ever. But, there’s one thing that comes between their ideal self and them, that is aging. Aging is something which is inevitable and comes with so many signs which make your skin look older and dull. Some of the signs of aging are wrinkles, saggy skin, fine lines, dry skin etc. There are multiple options available in the market to deal with aging signs, but the most important part is to opt for a treatment that comes with minimal side effects and good results as well. One of such treatment’s options is anti-aging facials. While there are a number of options in anti-aging facials, you must consult our expert dermatologist in order to get the treatment according to your needs.

Why Should you prefer Anti-aging Facials?

While there are numerous treatment options available to deal with aging signs, anti-aging facials provide you with the effective results without letting you go through any surgical procedures. Anti-aging facials provide you with better results which last much longer than many other treatments. Anti-aging facials also help you deal with several problems without much side effects.

Advantages of Anti-Aging Facials

As mentioned earlier, anti-aging facials come with so many benefits for you without causing much side effects. Here are some of the most visible advantages of anti-aging facials.

  • When you get older, the most apparent signs of aging are fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, when you get any anti-aging facial, it helps you minimise fine lines and wrinkles from your face.
  • Anti-aging facial brings the firmness of your skin back and make it look like your youth days. Good anti-aging facials revive the production of elastin and collagen in your skin, which helps your skin become firm and bright.
  • With the passage of time due to decreased cells, sun damage and hormonal fluctuations, your skin gets dry and dehydrated, while anti aging facials use products which make your skin hydrated and moisturised.
  • Anti-aging facials also help you get even skin tone and texture. They also improve the blood circulation in your skin, they help you deal with numerous issues of aging if done by specialists.

Pre-procedure instructions

There are multiple anti-aging facials but, they usually have same kind of pre procedure care required. These are the common instructions among the anti-aging facials available.

  • 2 to 3 weeks prior to the anti-aging facials, you must avoid sun exposure.
  • Only use those products which are suggested by our dermatologist on your skin before anti-aging facial to avoid any mishap.
  • Staying hydrated, keeping your sleep cycle consistent and having healthy diet is highly recommend before anti-aging facials.
  • If, our dermatologist suggests you any skin lightening cream, then using it as per prescription is compulsory before anti-aging facial.
  • Usage of any kind of makeup, cream and lotion is not recommended before coming for anti-aging facial.

Post-procedure instructions

Below are the instructions which are suggested by our doctor after getting anti-aging facials.

  • Keeping your skin away from direct sunlight for at least two months after anti-aging facials is important.
  • In case you go out in the day hours, you must use sunscreen of SPF 40 or above.
  • There will be redness, itching and little burning at treatment area after anti-aging facials, but it will vanish after some time. Usage of ice bags is also helpful.
  • Scratching and picking your skin would cause you trouble, it is suggested that you must not touch the treated area during anti-aging facials for some time.


Anti-aging facials are very effective and provide you with your desired results, if you get them from a trusted clinic and qualified dermatologist. You may need various sessions of anti-aging facials to achieve the desired results. There will also be conspicuous effects visible after even one session of anti-aging facials.

Laser Gingivectomy


Laser Gingivectomy

A gingivectomy is one of the ancient surgical treatments which includes treating most affected area of the gum. Gingivectomy is still considered a very useful treatment for prognosis of teeth. Gingivectomy is a treatment in which a dentist will remove the affected part of the gum out of your mouth through a surgical procedure. Gingivectomy treatment is usually performed for the aesthetic of teeth and improvement of the prognosis. It is also said to be crown lengthening process.


Gingivectomy works for those who suffer from a gum disease which cannot be treated commonly by scaling and root planning. Gingivectomy helps you get rid of the affected tissue and protect the bones from getting affected. Gingivectomy also nullifies the probability of any oral systematic health issue or any periodontal problem.


Gingivectomy is not so complicated even though it is a surgical treatment yet it is done with proper care by our expert dentists. Gingivectomy becomes painless with the use of local anaesthesia, after that the affected gum part is removed from your mouth through a laser or manually as well. After the procedure of gingivectomy is done, your gum will be filled with a putty which will let you eat normally and protect it during your initial recovery period.

Post-procedure care:

You will be guided by our expert dentist about the precautionary measure that will be required by you after getting gingivectomy. You should be able to again begin your regular activities and eating. You might feel little change in the appearance of your gum, but after few days your gum will appear like before with pinkish color.

Discomfort after Gingivectomy

You might feel slight swelling after laser gingivectomy. The appearance of chapped and bruised lips/cheek area after getting gingivectomy is common. You can get it reduced with the use of reuseable ice bag, a frozen vegetable bag wrapped in a smooth towel after laser gingivectomy treatment. Specially in the initial couple of days after getting laser gingivectomy, you can use this method with 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, that will decrease the swelling of your mouth after laser gingivectomy. You can also take following measures to avoid discomfort after laser gingivectomy.

  • Keeping your head in a position where it is high above your heart is very useful after laser gingivectomy.
  • Avoid sleeping on the side of the area where laser gingivectomy was performed.
  • After 2 days of laser gingivectomy, you can use moist heat to deal with minor swellint.

In case you think the swelling of your mouth is not vanishing after few days, you should contact our expert doctor and ask for suggestions to deal with the swelling.

You may also suffer from tooth sensitivity specially too cold for few days after getting laser gingivectomy. If doctor suggests you any clear appliance or an upper denture, you must use it as per the instructions of the dentist.

Bleeding after Gingivectomy

You can experience minor bleeding for initial couple of days after laser gingivectomy. Avoid too hot food after getting laser gingivectomy. If you experience consistent bleeding, try to apply pressure on the treated area during gingivectomy with the use of moistened tea bag or moisturiser gauze. Keep applying the pressure for at least half an hour without removing it from the area of gingivectomy treatment. If the bleeding is still not stopped, contact the doctor.

Personal care after Gingivectomy

Do not compromise on the oral hygiene routine at the non-treated area of your mouth during laser gingivectomy treatment, while you can also use light brush one the biting surface of your teeth. After you have completed your meal and had your snack, please use lukewarm salt water rinse 4-6X a day; 30 seconds of swooshing with each use. Vigorous rinsing should be avoided. Please use Periogard, Peridex, or Chlorhexidine mouth rinse 2X (morning and night) a day; 30 seconds of swooshing with each use.

Things you should avoid:

  • Avoid regular brushing or flossing of the treated area during laser gingivectomy
  • Do not use your tongue or finger in the area where laser gingivectomy was performed
  • Avoid making someone look at the treated area during laser gingivectomy and don’t even try to do that yourself
  • Avoid the consumption of too hot food or any sticky substance after few days getting laser gingivectomy
  • Use of drinking straw is not suggested, as suction can cause trouble.
  • Don’t sleep at the side where laser gingivectomy was done
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking after few days of getting laser gingivectomy.

Dark Circles


Dark Circles

We live in a very fast paced era, here people think the time you are spending while sleeping, someone else at the same time is working and increasing his or her bank balance. People don’t want to rest and this approach can cause multiple issues but top of them is having dark circles under their eyes due to lack of sleep and also by fatigue. While there are other causes as well which cause dark eye circles.

Causes of Dark Circles

While people think only lack of sleep and fatigue cause dark eye’s circles, but there are numerous other reasons why dark circles are caused under your eyes.


As many doctors suggest, drinking a lot of water can actually do wonders for your skin, while lack of it can also make your skin look dull as well. Dehydration can also cause dark circles under your eyes as well.


When you age, your skin loses its elasticity and get loose and thin. Lack of collagen production and weaker skin make the blood vessels under your eyes more prominent which make dark circles under your eyes.


Some kind of allergy can also be the reason of dark circles under your eyes. As, when your eyes get itchy, when you scratch your eyes, it can damage the blood vessels under your eyes which can result in appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Eye Strain

When you work while sitting in front of your computer & laptop or stare at your phone constantly for longer period of time. This can create dark eye’s circles under your eyes.

Treatments options for Dark Circles

While, there are many options available to treat dark eye’s circles, the most important part is to choose which treatment is suitable according to your needs. We, at Kings Medical Center offer various treatments to deal with this stubborn skin problem.

Dermal Fillers

This dark eye’s circles treatment is worked by getting injected under your eyes or the area of where dark circles appear. It is helpful in minimising the facial volume loss and covering the blood vessels under your eyes.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is also very effective in dealing with dark eye’s circles with the use of light beam which goes into your skin to target the lifeless skin cells under your eyes and restart the collagen production which is useful in bringing the freshness of your skin back and make it look brighter as well.

Topical Creams

If the appearance of dark circles is not that bad or does not have much broken vessels then eye creams can also work as a dark eye’s circles treatment. They can make your skin look brighter and make the appearance of dark circles less visible.


This treatment can be very useful to treat under eye’s circles. In this treatment a blend of drugs, minerals and supplements is injected under your eye to treat dark eye’s circles. They provide a much-needed lift to your skin in order to reduce the visibility of dark eye’s circles.

Advantages of Dark eye’s circles treatments

There are many benefits of dark eye’s circles treatments, some of them are mentioned below:

  • You will say goodbye to dull and pale skin and welcome the newer and fresher skin due to dark eye’s circles treatments.
  • Dark eye’s circles treatments strengthen your skin and make it firmer than ever.
  • Dark eye’s circles treatments stimulate the collagen production which also aid in making your skin bright.
  • Dark eye’s circles treatments can be vital in improving your overall personality.
  • Your social functioning will get improved by getting dark eye’s circles treatments

The initial step before choosing any given treatment to deal with your dark eye’s circles is to get fully examined by our dermatologist who will after analysing your skin will recommend a tailor-made treatment according to the requirement of your skin and type of your skin. Don’t waste your time, get fully examined by our dermatologist and get rid of those dark eye’s circles.

Brightening Facial


Brightening Facial

Say no to discoloration and welcome the new and fresh skin with the aid of brightening facial. With the passage of time, we lose the shape, texture and firmness of our skin. The appearance of wrinkles, freckles, sun spots, age spots can be very frustrating for any human being. While, seeing them going away can be very relaxing as well. The disappearance of these aging signs can bring your captivating beauty back. Brightening facial works within the skin and helps it heal from dermis without going through the painful process of chemical peels. The results of brightening facial are very effective, fruitful and suitable to every person who’s suffering from freckles, aging spots and skin discolouration.

How Does Brightening Facial work?

Brightening facial is a combination of few skin treatments which consists of multiple steps to deal with so many skin issues. Brightening facial does wonders for people who are suffering from skin impurities, premature aging signs and sun spots. Brightening facial uses such products which go within the dermis of your skin and work on self-healing process. It allows your skin to have its younger days back without causing you much pain or any severe side effect over your skin. Brightening facial is the type of facial treatment that clears away imperfections and restores bright, healthy skin. Your skin will feel cleaner, smoother and brighter than before.

Benefits of Brightening Facial

Brightening facial have various benefits and has a capacity to deal with numerous problems of your skin. Here are some of the visible benefits of brightening facial.

  • Brightening facial makes your skin smoother, fresher and brighter.
  • Brightening facial aids in making your skin tone even.
  • You can get rid of your dull and pale skin with the help of brightening facial
  • Brightening facial can do the brightening transformation of your skin without chemical peels.
  • Brightening facial allows the skin to heal itself from within without any complications.
  • Brightening facial provides magnificent glow to your skin.
  • Brightening facial also minimises dark circles, sun spots and brown spots.

Duration of a Brightening Facial

Brightening facial has multiple steps and it is done by our experts with intense care to avoid any kind of mishap. Generally, a session of brightening facial is not that much time consuming and can be completed in an hour or so but it highly depends upon your areas of treatment.

Cost of Brightening Facial

Cost of a brightening facial in Dubai varies according to the clinic you opt for, it depends on the factors such as the equipment’s which will be used, qualification of the dermatologist, location of the clinic, your areas of concern which will be treated during the treatment. Usually, a brightening facial is very price friendly in Dubai.

So, if you want to get rid of your dull skin and get a skin which is fresher, brighter and smoother than it ever was then you must not wait for too long and consult our dermatologist right away to seek their advice regarding your skin issues and get the treatment which is tailor made for you, which can provide you effects according to your skin need. Get yourself an appointment right now and let our expert examine your skin and get you the brightening facial which can bring back your days of youth.



Invisalign in Dubai

People each day struggle hard to enhance their beauty in any way possible, there’s one thing that represents the beauty of your face properly and that is your smile, while your smile plays an important role in portraying your beauty, having well-aligned teeth is very important for having a beautiful smile. Usually, people try multiple treatments to get their teeth in proper position and size. But, there’s no other treatment like Invisalign in Dubai which guarantees you achieving well aligned teeth that too without getting through any pain or discomfort. Invisalign in Dubai is a orthodontic treatment which is an alternative of conventional braces. Invisalign in Dubai also has a tendency to deal with various conditions such as buck teeth, crowding, gaps in teeth, overbite, underbite and crossbite.

How Invisalign works?

Invisalign in Dubai doesn’t make you go through any lengthy process in which bands are put on your teeth and you have to go through a lot of pain, bleeding and discomfort. In fact, Invisalign aligners are designed while using a 3D computer imaging software which gives a proper structure of your mouth. Each series of Invisalign aligners help in straightening of your teeth without appearing on your teeth like metal braces. A patient has to wear Invisalign aligner at least 4-5 weeks, 20 to 22 hours a day. While you can also remove your Invisalign aligners without any trouble while carrying your usual routine such as eating or brushing your teeth unlike metal braces which can’t be removed without a dentist.

Invisalign in Dubai is a treatment which allows ease and comfort to its patients not like any other orthodontic treatments. You can achieve movement with very minor irritation. There’s no downtime after getting Invisalign in Dubai. The entire procedure of Invisalign in Dubai is very easy and fruitful.

Why should we prefer Invisalign aligners?

  • Invisalign aligners don’t take years to fix your teeth, they are very quick and only take up to 6 months to complete its duration.
  • Unlike braces, in which metals are attached to your teeth, Invisalign aligners are made with the use of plastic which is very comfortable.
  • You don’t have to go through any tough time while carrying your Invisalign aligners, you need to just wear them without any worry.
  • Invisalign aligners are pain-free, they don’t cut your gums like metal braces.
  • Invisalign is among the most opted orthodontic treatments by the people, there are more than 10 million people who have preferred Invisalign braces and get their teeth straight without much trouble.

Process of Invisalign

The initial step is to book a consultation appointment with a dentist to get yourself assessed and get the expert opinion on whether Invisalign aligners will be effective for you or not. Your mouth is examined, photographs of your mouth will be taken and scans will be done. A digital scan of your teeth is performed to analyse them while creating Invisalign aligners. Afterwards, in order to check your chin-cheek ratio, a virtual representation of the chin-cheek ratio of your mouth is created to review it, then the Invisalign aligners are made accordingly. Then, you will be allowed to wear your Invisalign aligners as per the instructions of the dentist.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Invisalign braces do not become an aesthetic concern, as they are virtually invisible.
  • Invisalign aligners are easily removed, you can get your teeth cleaned without any discomfort.
  • You have no restrictions over what you eat with Invisalign aligners.
  • You can also remove them white eating or drinking.
  • If you feel any increase in irritation, you can get rid of them, perform whatever the task you want, then wear them back.
  • You do not have to worry about visiting your dentist for tightening sessions.
  • You can restart your routine activities without any hesitation after getting Invisalign aligners.

Why come to KMC?

We, here at KMC, offer the most advanced orthodontic treatments, with the use of high-tech technology under the supervision of our highly qualified dentists, who first examine your teeth and then suggest you what’s more effective for you. Our experts will perform a digital scan of your teeth with the use of our high-tech technology and then according to those scans your Invisalign aligners will be designed. Our dentist will properly assist you regarding Invisalign braces. We offer very price friendly treatments without reducing the quality of the treatment.