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Dark circles are something which can cause a lot of trouble on your face. Dark Circles make your face look tired and dull. Dark circles don’t go well with people trying to get their best possible look in social gatherings. There are multiple reasons which cause dark circles under your eyes, lack of sleep, fatigue and aging are the prime reasons among them. While, there are also number of ways to treat dark eye’s circles, first of all you should understand the reason behind them.

Why do Dark circles appear?

Well, there are many reasons which cause dark eye’s circles, more prominent among them are sleep deprivation and fatigue. Here are some of the reasons of appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Sun Exposure

Direct sunlight can cause a lot of damage to your skin, while it can also stimulate the production of melanin in your body which make the area under your eyes dark

Lack of Water Intake

If we don’t consume enough water, our skin gets dry. Such skin can make the appearance of dark circles around your eyes.


As we all know, we get a lot of characteristics from our parents through the genes. But, at times we can also get few genetic issues from our parents as well. Sometimes, the cause of visibility of dark circles around the eyes is your inherited genes from one of your parents.

Bad Blood circulation

When the vessels around your eyes become dilated, they start to appear under your eyes and give the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.


While lack of sleep and rest is the prime reason of dark circles under the eyes. As bad sleeping habits cause the skin to become pale and dull which allows the blood vessels and dark tissues under your eyes to appear and make dark circles under your eyes.

Treatments for Dark Circles

At Kings medical center, we provide number of treatments to deal with dark circles and get rid of them without any complication. The treatments are as follows:

Eye Cream

There are many eye creams available which can be helpful at times but mostly dark circles get less visible with their use but they cannot make them get permanently vanished by any mean.

Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers which are injected inside your skin under your eyes in order to decrease the facial volume loss and cover the vessels and dark tissues which appear under your eyes.

Intense pulse light Therapy

This treatment is used to deal with various skin conditions and has an effective result as well. In this treatment, a beam of light energy is used to target the dead or damaged skin cells and dark tissues which in results vaporized from your skin. This treatment also enables the production of new collagen which makes your skin become firm and fresh.

Chemical Peels

This treatment can be very fruitful as it allows the skin to get resurfaced as our experts use safe chemicals such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid to decrease the appearance of dark circles.


Benefits of Dark Eye’s circles treatments

  • Dark eye’s circles treatments can improve your overall look
  • Dark eye’s circles treatments can make your skin look fresher and younger
  • Collagen production is also motivated by dark eye’s circles treatments which improve the skin tone as well
  • Dark eye’s circles treatments make your skin become tighter
  • Dark eye’s circles treatments can bring a lot more confidence in you and can make you socially active and confident.

While, there are also few other options available to deal with dark eye’s circles, your first step before opting for any of this treatment is to immediately consult with our dermatologist and get your skin examined. Then, our dermatologist will consider different factors like your skin tone, need and type and then suggest you a treatment which will meet your skin needs. Wait no more and book your consultation appointment today.

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