Laser Treatment

Ms. Debbie Antonio - Laser Therapist
Ms. Debbie Antonio

Laser Therapist

License ID. DHA-P-0171711

Laser Therapist.

Ms. Debbie Antonio - Laser TherapistShe’s pro-active and aspired Laser Therapist in a safe and effective manner.She builds a solid foundation in the nursing profession and stepped up to a certified Laser Therapist.

Ms. Debbie worked in various reputed hospital and Medical Center around Dubai, generally good places to start and gained her experience dealing with different diversities’ of patients and a hospital environment which provide her more opportunities for promotion to higher-level management and even administrative roles. She extended her experience assisting physicians in private practices, within nursing care facilities at government agencies and travelled across UAE to provide care.

She decided and take advanced practice and gained her Certification of Laser Therapist.
Serving in the medical field over 7years made her strong and competent enough to take higher responsibility. She possesses the caring and empathetic nature of helping others.

Focus and Interest:

  • Patient’s beauty, health, and satisfaction
  • Patient’s gain more self- confidence
  • Use of up to date laser machine and equipment
  • Expertise in analyzing skin types and concerns
  • Using Laser procedure in an effective, safe and reliable treatment.
  • Using laser equipment in the removal of varicose veins, unwanted hair, tattoos, wrinkles and skin irregularities.
  • Recommending appropriate products such as creams, cleansers, and lotions to enhance the clients’ skin quality.

Ms. Debbie has a vast Knowledge and experience using laser equipment in the removal of varicose veins, unwanted hair, tattoos, wrinkles and skin irregularities. She has handled and operated different types and brand of different Laser Machines.

She is uniquely skilled in advising clients on the treatments available, analyzing the skin, designing and applying a treatment plan and performing the procedure to achieve the best possible results. She is well trained in providing broad skin care treatments such as scrubs, peels, and masks to exfoliate dead or dry skin. She had a wide knowledge of providing professional advice on home care products that will enhance and maintain the results of clinical treatments.

‘’I always give before or during treatment the proper expectations when it comes to result and treatment procedure as well as providing all the knowledge which my patients must know like Do’s and Don’ts, and After Care.’’ she emphasized.

She is a qualified specialist and has enrolled and completed a high level of study to achieve accreditation which makes her marketable to people.

Ambitious, compassionate and love’s what she does.

Not just a better health care BUT A better health care experience

NO to discrimination. Everyone is equal and equally treated either that is you and me


Treasure LIFE; value HEALTH; focus and cherish the PEOPLE itself.


Build customer confidence through satisfying both inner the HEALTH and outer the BEAUTY needs.


To be known and the center of health & beauty provider and create unparalleled value to a healthy living life.


General Medicine89%
Laser Hair Removal94%
All type of Facials90%


Individual's and family's SATISFACTION as a WELL-BEING.


To provide a holistic and a historical incomparable service satisfaction.


Your partner in health & beauty.
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