Dr. Eman Ahmen Mohamed Elbyomy - Aesthetic Medicine
Dr. Eman Ahmen Mohamed ElbyomyBTX and Fillers GP

License DHA-P- 0208881

Certified Aesthetic Medicine

BTX and Fillers GP

She’s naturally caring with a holistic approach, focusing on health and life preservation. She is compassionate, kind and genuine in providing advice and intervention. Her ability of excellent listening and communication skills for dealing with patients played an important role in proper treatment which includes assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and management. She’s exposed with multi-cultural type of patient with different cases for almost 9 years of service.

Dr. Eman, provide empathetic and comprehensive care for the entire family, including management and treatment of all acute and chronic medical conditions. She has a broad range of experience working within family medicine.

Promote and emphasize breastfeeding, immunization, parenting, prevention management, and sanitation.

Training & Qualification

  • Fillers
  • PRP
  • Cosmelan
  • Laser Assisted Hair Removal
  • Laser Therapist Training Program
  • Laser Hair Removal Specialist – CLHRS
  • General Medicine
  • International Paediatric Surgery Congress
  • Medicine Women's Health
  • Basic Life Support
  • Life Style Disorders
  • Gastroenterology Symposium
  • Nuclear Medicine Symposium
  • Paediatrician
  • Internal Medicine
  • Stroke Symposium
  • Critical Care

In 2009, Dr. Eman has received her Medical Degree of Medicine and Surgery from Al Mansoura University. She has been practicing in the field of medicine in several leading Hospital and Clinic in UAE and Egypt for almost 9 years that includes El-Mahalla El-Kubra General hospital El Rahma Hospital, Saft Turab General Hospital, Damietta General Hospital, Softlight General Clinic, Fly High Kids Nursery The Palm and Noor Al Wasl Clinic.

Additional SpecialityTraining & Certifications:

  • MRCPCH Foundation of Practice ( FOP ) 2017 (Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health UK)

Before joining KMC she practices extensively in Noor Al Wasl Clinic, She has been an assistant to a general and plastic surgeon and worked in several esteemed facilities.
Dr. Eman participated in several types of research and publications related to Mental and Physiological Needs, Primary Care Management and Medicine Women's Health.

Specialty and Interest:

  • Aesthetics and Cosmetic Procedures
  • Emergency Doctor
  • Internal Medicine
  • Acute and Chronic Illness
  • Trauma
  • Travel Advice and Vaccination
  • Musculoskeletal and Skin problems
  • Mother and Child Nursing
  • Pre and Post-Operative care and Surgeries.
  • Life Style Disorders
  • Pediatrician

She remarks, ‘’With my continuous reading and research, attending training and seminars, we can assure you an up to date medical developments, new drugs, treatments and medications and a result of a healthy lifestyle."

Dr. Eman currently holds the position of General Practitioner. From her training and experience, she has the needed skills and knowledge in dealing with young children from new-borns to teenagers. Her qualifications as a General Practitioner entail her to look after adults as well. She has a special interest in dealing with all ages, promoting health and preventive measurements.

She is creative and ambitious, the fun of music, traveling & reading books.

Not just a better health care BUT A better health care experience

NO to discrimination. Everyone is equal and equally treated either that is you and me


Treasure LIFE; value HEALTH; focus and cherish the PEOPLE itself.


Build customer confidence through satisfying both inner the HEALTH and outer the BEAUTY needs.


To be known and the center of health & beauty provider and create unparalleled value to a healthy living life.


General Medicine89%
Laser Hair Removal94%
All type of Facials90%


Individual's and family's SATISFACTION as a WELL-BEING.


To provide a holistic and a historical incomparable service satisfaction.


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