Laser Veins


Non-invasive with no damage to surrounding skin

From as little as 5 minutes per treatment with instant results

Ongoing support post treatment – call on us at anytime

New legs, New You! Get back into that midi dress quicker than you can imagine with fast and safe Vein Removal Treatments. Spider veins affect millions of men and women around the world. In the past, there were never really any treatment options available for spider veins and burst blood vessels, but now the Candela ND:YAG technology has revolutionised treatment so that veins can finally be erased!

Results Laser Clinic has treated thousands of clients with spider veins using the Candela ND:YAG technology. The laser light works by emitting light pulses that force the spider vein to collapse, without doing any damage to the surrounding surface area of skin. It is by far the safest and cheapest vein removal treatment option and is completely non-invasive – no needles!

There is minimal downtime associated with the treatment and results can often be seen after the first session.

Condition Spider veins, Venulectasias, Telangiectasia, Broken Capillaries, Burst Blood Vessels
Treatment Candela ND:YAG laser Technology
Results Reduces or eliminates appearance of veins, broken capillaries and burst blood vessels
Treatment Intervals 2-6 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart
Treatment Time 5mins – 30mins depending on treatment area
Recovery Time Minimal downtime, slight redness for 1 to 2 days, 48 hours sun avoidance


The Candela ND:YAGlaser treatments offer a solution that:

  • Minimize or eliminate the appearance of spider veins
  • Treat veins on any body part
  • Fix broken capillaries
  • Cause very little discomfort
  • Minimal recovery with the ability to return to work immediately
  • Provide a gradual and natural looking improvement over time
  • Promotes younger, brighter looking skin
  • Produce long-lasting results


First 24 hours Only wash the treated area with cold or tepid water. Avoid using strongly scented lotions, soaps and exfoliating creams. Be gentle and avoid excessive scrubbing. If you must use makeup, only use mineral makeup.
1-4 Days The redness will gradually subside over the next 4 days. In some cases it lasts up to 4 weeks. Until the redness has resolved, Results Laser hair removal Clinic suggests you avoid all of the following:
  • The use of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or Vitamin A products
  • Swimming pools and spas with multiple chemicals/chlorine
  • Activities that cause excessive perspiration
Ongoing You may use Real Results Recovery Gel (offered exclusively at Results Laser hair removal Clinic Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane) as often as you like after your vein removal treatment, as the active ingredient has a cool calming agent. Always remember to apply your SPF 30+ sunscreen everyday to protect your skin from the Australian sun.

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