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Preventive & Diagnostic Screening

We provides comprehensive and preventive health care services in all ages. The key to ensuring healthy living is a committed health care provider. We maintain our values that PREVENTION Is Cure. Obtaining an appropriate prevention and diagnosis on all health aspects (mentally, emotionally, and physically) is one of the focal point of our services.

  • Early: Assessing and identifying problems early
  • Periodic: Checking children's health at periodic, age-appropriate intervals
  • Screening: Providing physical, mental, developmental, dental, hearing, vision, and other screening tests to detect potential problems
  • Diagnostic: Performing diagnostic tests to follow up when a risk is identified, made up of the following screening and treatment services:

Screening Services

  • Comprehensive health and developmental history
  • Comprehensive unclothed physical exam
  • Appropriate immunizations (according to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices)
  • Laboratory tests (including lead toxicity screening ) referral may applied.
  • Health Education (anticipatory guidance including child development, healthy lifestyles, and accident and disease prevention)

Diagnostic Services

Whenever we need a further evaluation of an individual's health, diagnostic services must be provided. Necessary referrals should be made without delay and there should be follow-up to ensure a complete diagnostic evaluation. We maintain and develop quality assurance procedures to assure that comprehensive care is provided.


Our health care expert made always available with a handful of care in providing treatment and diagnostic procedures.

Our health care expert draw a special attention when it comes to lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise,maintaining proper hygiene and vaccination to prevent death statistics. Lifestyle is a growing concern  to evaluate the efficacy of positive lifestyle choices on health.
We demonstrate complete and accurate information that patients receive better medical care. This can improve the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce—even prevent—medical errors, improving patient outcomes.

We want you to Access a healthcare and preventive health services one just one step away.

Your health and time matters to us. An accurate and precise prevention and diagnosis is an aspect to provide necessary treatment and not to cause further harm. We do improve our diagnostic process and utilization of screening tools.
We bring attention to potential safety problems when they occur, helping providers avoid more serious consequences for patients and leading to better patient outcomes such as:

  • Providing clinical alerts and reminders
  • Improving aggregation, analysis, and communication of patient information
  • Making it easier to consider all aspects of a patient's condition
  • Supporting diagnostic and therapeutic decision making
  • Gathering all relevant information (lab results, etc.) in one place
  • Support for therapeutic decisions
  • Enabling evidence-based decisions at point of care
  • Preventing adverse events
  • Providing built-in safeguards against prescribing treatments that would result in adverse events

Operating Hours

  • Saturday-Thursday 10.00am – 10.00pm
  • Friday 11.00am – 08.00pm

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