Back Facial

A luxurious feeling of back facial with ample massage for your hard working back.

Journey into the sanctuary within. Don’t just imagine, reflect and be satisfy with our back facial treatment offer. It is designed to nurture inner and outer radiance. Be satisfy and wear you backless long dress in on a night gathering, walk on the islet and shine. Wear your favorite swimming suit and play on sand without worries staying under the sun.

On this tranquil holistic back facial experience crafted just for your own satisfaction and be inspired to wear your own dressing fashion. A complexion features a hydrating cleanse, customized exfoliation, moisturizing hand treatment, plus ample lymphatic massage for your neck and shoulder.

Purify those hard-to-reach areas for a smoother, even tone skin. Relax and calm your back and enjoy the vicinity during the treatment.

We can surely earn your Trust