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Kings Medical Center founded in April 2017, Located in the heart of eastern Dubai in Deira, - The Al Rigga.  Al Rigga is becoming more prestigious residential and commercial center as the year passes. Kings Medical Center gained the trust of customers in a very short period of service. Have been compared to UAE leading healthcare, clinical and aesthetic group of companies.

Kings Medical Center is an aspired healthcare and aesthetic provider in Dubai.

KMC is known medical center in UAE, specializing in wide range of dentistry, dermatology, general medicine, laser hair removal and HydraFacial. Our services created special marks in each field. We got our incomparably committed team provider, offering a large variety of quality care measures and exceptional medical provider.

We achieved a recommendable clinical excellence and provide the highest quality of care.

The Directors

Mr. Adnan Gilani

Mr. Adnan Gilani

Operational Managing Director- Co-Founder
A businessman who travelled to different countries across the globe for sharing and gaining the experience in different sectors of business management. He has become well known for his wide range of knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas in financial planning and strategies, which helped him to lead an international group of companies.

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Dr. Haroon Malik

Dr. Haroon Malik

Medical Managing Director- Co-Founder
Dr. Haroon Malik Graduated in Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2012 with distinction. Dr. Haroon is a western trained dentist with a Master Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London in the year 2014. He cleared postgraduate examination of Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh with flying colors..

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Kings Medical Center Founded by two brother’s by religion originally both from country in south Asia

Mr. Gilani and Mr. Malik at Kings Medical Center made a meteoric rise to fame after a year of focus of doing business together.  A man dedicated on his career doctor with a big heart – Dr.Haroon Malik. And a man who is steadfast and enthusiastic Head of finance with a wide dream and strong believe – Mr. Adnan Gilani. Proven to their selves that they are compatible and good luck to each other, realistically on a business matter.

Despite a long range of experience, they are new to the field of managing especially to their own company. Yet, Haroon and Adnan are far better than anyone, they believe in. An undeniably unbendable trust and loyalty to each other made them unbeatable as time passes. Which makes them brave enough to take on more responsibilities and big decisions. That by the year 2030, to be the leading health and beauty provider having numerous branches across the Middle East. Haroon and Adnan turned in an incredible combined.  Believes that great partnerships are driven by true commitment.

Team and Nurses

Certified &

EX - Experienced

P - Professional

E - Ethics

R - Responsible

T - TLC – Tender Loving Care

Our team takes immense pride in providing streamlined and unbiased services. We provide an encouraging platform to share invaluable contributions towards each field in a systematize management and intervention. We achieved a recommendable clinical excellence and provide the highest quality of care. We believe that this can be met by a “customer first” approach in which we listen, understand, anticipate, and strive to exceed expectations.

KMC is committed and competent in providing a quality care and treatment with a convenient vicinity. We got a team of board-certified specialists dedicated to providing you the highest level of service with pride and dignity.

Focusing on ways to add more value to its patient treatment satisfaction, KMC embarked on an initiative to provide time to each and every employee for training and certification. One of the milestone strength of KMC is all of the team members who are wholeheartedly dedicated.
KMC always prefer to hire from inside workplace though very open to beginners, as leaders are exceptional managers to create opportunities of becoming a next provider and leader. They are screened as per designation, skills, and liabilities, they should be certified and professional, experienced and motivated and most of all with good ethics and trustworthy.


We promote continuous learning and collaboration among healthcare teams in order to achieve excellence.
QualityAchievement Award
Achievement Award
Quality &Accreditation
Quality &

Not just a better health care BUT A better health care experience

NO to discrimination. Everyone is equal and equally treated either that is you and me


Treasure LIFE; value HEALTH; focus and cherish the PEOPLE itself.


Build customer confidence through satisfying both inner the HEALTH and outer the BEAUTY needs.


To be known and the center of health & beauty provider and create unparalleled value to a healthy living life.


General Medicine89%
Laser Hair Removal94%
All type of Facials90%


Individual's and family's SATISFACTION as a WELL-BEING.


To provide a holistic and a historical incomparable service satisfaction.


Your partner in health & beauty.
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