A businessman who travelled to different countries across the globe for sharing and gaining the experience in different sectors of business management. He has become well known for his wide range of knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas in financial planning and strategies, which helped him to lead an international group of companies. He gained the following award during years of services.

  • Top Performance Recognition
  • Above and Beyond Recognition
  • Leadership Award

On his young age, he became known and respectable. His dedication to work, determination and passion for serving and helping people played the main role in his continuous success.

Mr. Adnan graduated from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, holding Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting by the year 2005. Maximizing his knowledge and to keep emergence of new trends in business and governance, in the year 2012 he easily gained Master of Economics. A growing economy is unstoppable, the importance of financial sector need to re-emphasize. The year 2014, he gained Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance.

Right after the graduation of the year 2005, he got his first working experience related to his career goal an Accountant Officer. His career advances to banking manager and promoted to credit manager. It just took 7 years of excellence and dedication and he was recognized as Head Finance. He serves and travelled to different countries for another extra 3 years. Furthermore, he decided to visit the Middle East which constitutes the largest ethnic groups in the region by a population which is a good start to deal and starts own business as well.

After years of working experience and studying more about Middle East economy and culture. He ended up founding Kings Medical Center and chooses to establish in Dubai UAE.

‘’I see greatness in the future! And that’s what I am striving for! Aiming to be the leading and advance Medical Medical Center in UAE.’’ Mr. Adnan states.